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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing a trending topic the world is busy with, might be the next revolution of change in marketing world. But it’s better that you know, there are 4.9 billion people active internet users worldwide. That’s 62% of the world’s total population. As the world is growing with its own potentiality the business is also growing and to be precise there is a change in how you operated your business back then and now. Its completely different how you saw the world
back in 2000’s and now that the world has so many opportunities for hustlers to market their products to reach out large targeted audience.

The way all the platforms and channels have been created on the internet it is like there is a golden spoon near your mouth and you haven’t tasted it for so long. The reason everyone is struggling to scale their product is by binding themselves in walls of there business and their own reach through traditional marketing tactics which is necessary but the problem they face is by recuring more overheads and finally can’t find there reach towards their customers.

So, in this year 2023 there is huge opportunity for all business in all respected industries to convert their marketing strategies towards digital business world and snipping to the Internet community where you can spread your business with its full potentiality. 

What is Digital Marketing in 2023?

Digital Marketing in 2023 is the most appreciated stream that the world is going to notice where your business can scale from nothing towards everything. Digital Marketing in a simple word is a marketing technique where you can change your marketing strategies to Internet marketing strategies by using different number of Internet platforms and channels. The world is busy your customers are busy on Internet and Mobile Apps. It is necessary for you to understand that 62% of the world is busy on Social Media Channels, Search Engines and Mobile Application wherein the number of users are getting increasing day by day. With or without your knowledge if you judge it correctly it is clearly seen that there is huge number of customer base created within these platforms and channels. It is not to be said wrong that these platforms and channels know each users’ Personas, Behavior, Interests with their personal information.

Now, that these platforms have such a strong users and customer base. With all the interests and behaviour of a user.
Is it not easy to market a product to the person who is interested or in urge of your product?
Yes, the answer is we can target those customers and a good digital marketing campaign can lead your business towards prosperity. It is likely that if you want to solve problem of a customer with your product then it is necessary that you have to target the right person who is in problem and wants your product. The reason that customer will choose your product because you are marketing your product to a right person who is in need of your product. It will save two major things that is your time and money.

Did you understand basic concept of Digital Marketing here is an example which will make you understand in a better way:

For example, we will take a shoe making company called ‘XYZ’ is a startup and they are good in manufacturing new trending sneakers with all new styles. They can’t scale up their business as they have their sneakers with only 5 distributors. Now that they use their traditional marketing techniques like Billboards, TV ads, Newspaper Ads which will incur them huge money. For example, they have spent their marketing budget of one lakh through traditional marketing. They can expect a return of around two to three lakhs. That can be sufficient but they can’t scale their business in order to reach all customers who saw their ads. There will be only 5-10% of customers can be attracted. If the same company XYZ has very good ecommerce website of their own then with Digital Marketing they can scale their business through targeting certain users who are interested to buy sneaker and behavior of sneaker head, certain age group who wears sneakers that can be around 18-35 so that ad will target only person who are interested to buy sneakers so obviously the rate of conversion is high. Through digital marketing you can target only sneaker heads, ads won’t go to the person who is interested in buying a formal shoe. By even considering geographical aspect we can target audience based upon there geographical location where they stay, the ads will run particularly over that place. So, if you spend one lakh over here it can give you returns up to ten lakhs if you target your customers properly by considering all their interests, behavior, geographical location, age, gender these all factors can help your marketing strategy on Internet makes it easy.